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World’s First And Only Permanent  Crypto,
Metaverse, Web3 Gaming, and NFT Experience

First Timers

“I don’t know where to start” - We’ve got you covered from start to finish. Help setting up a crypto wallet, testing products, selecting a project, and more!


Purchase a Genesis NFT & own a frame in Web3 NYC Gallery to display/sell any NFT. Change out these NFTs from anywhere on our website. Attend events & conferences.

Industry Leaders

Showcase what you’ve built to the world. We are working with startups with amazing products to some of the biggest names in all of Web3. Fifth Avenue finally belongs to us.

Our Friends & Partners


“When we met the Web3 Gallery Team we quickly realized there's no better partner to take this industry to the next level. Their galleries will give a fresh breath of life and excitement to the NFT community, something we have not seen yet. This is a sustainable long-term play that Tokenframe needed to be a part of.”

–Virgo PR

“What Nick and the team are doing will surely introduce mainstream consumers to the NFT market, something the industry desperately needed to do.”

- TokenFrame

“From expert curation to concierge service, Web3 Gallery is the flagship model for the digital collector. Web3 is executing a vision that will redefine the landscape of NFTs forever, bringing innovative art and emerging technology directly to the consumer in the physical world. We couldn't be more excited to work with this amazing team and make Web3 the house for our brand.”


Some fun facts... (Source: Citibank)

By 2030 Web3 Will Be A $13T+ Market

That's 3x The ‘22 Global Tech Market

Come Experience The Future At The Only Permanent and Premium Web3 Gallery In The World.

Meet Part of the Team

Nick Rotola, CEO

Nick Rotola, MBA is a proven serial entrepreneur and former professional baseball player. Nick has scaled businesses in Real Estate Development, Education Tech, and Crypto Marketing. He helped take Floki above a $3b market cap. He has the rare combination of knowledge to make this project successful.

Nadia York, Gallerist

Nadia is an internationally renowned art director with experience at Le Louvre in Paris, France. She is fluent in French, English, Spanish, Arabic, Vietnamese, and Slovak. She has an impressive network of some of the highest net-worth art collectors in the world and is "excited to be a part of the future of art."

Fifth Ave Walk Through

Ft. Y-Club

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Curating a workplace that inspires all of us


Designers who changed the web with Webflow


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